Beware of low activity, ‘tick box’ EAPs

Businesses purchase Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) for many reasons and there are plenty of EAP providers in the market. On the surface, these providers can look similar in terms of their offering and it can be tempting to go for the lowest price. However, unless you just want to tick the EAP box, buying the cheapest EAP may not always provide your organisation with the best return on investment (ROI). Workplace Options’ EAPs consistently generate high utilization rates, which means that our customers get better usage rates, a higher percentage of their employees are more productive and their programme represents a better ROI.
So, how do we do it? And what would you get if you were a Workplace Options customer?

Proactive account management

To be successful, your EAP must be proactively account managed from day one. Workplace Options’ account managers take a consultative approach and help our customers promote the service, understand their quarterly utilisation reports, and are always on hand to answer any questions about the service and how it is being used. They provide customers with guidance on how to get the most out of their EAP investment by integrating the service into key areas of their stress and wellness strategies, and by including it as part of return-to-work interviews and appraisal procedures. Our account managers also help our customers measure the effectiveness of our services.

Rich and multifaceted promotion programme

Running a few staff briefing sessions and distributing leaflets about the service at the start of a contract isn’t enough to ensure a good level of employee awareness and utilisation. As important as account management is, our customers need to be able to access a diverse range of promotional materials whenever they need it, wherever they are, at the click of a mouse. Workplace Options’ unique Resource Central online hub contains a whole range of eye-catching promotional materials, including posters, email messages, presentations, case studies, manager materials and wallet cards – to name just a few. In addition, our customers receive a monthly email containing promotional materials for: the EAP; that month’s webinar; and national awareness events.

Accessibility is key

Workplace Options’ EAPs are available 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition to accessing the service through a freephone number, our multiple access routes include live online chat, SMS text and our own app iConnectYou. Our EAP website includes a database of articles, searchable databases, and interactive tools. This range of access options means that our customers’ employees can contact the service any time, on any topic, through whichever method suits them best.

Global services, local delivery

For international customers our global EAPs, training programmes and wellness services provide a common platform of exceptional employee effectiveness services across the world. These programmes deliver seamless and consistent support, while providing customisation and flexibility for each of our customers’ unique locations and employee populations.

The wellness experts

Our EAPs are a key component of our customers’ wellness strategies, and we provide complementary services to further improve the health and wellness of their teams. Our market-leading wellness services provide a holistic approach to keeping employees healthy and productive by reducing absenteeism, long and short-term sickness leave and health insurance premiums. Workplace Options offers a fully integrated suite of services that can be implemented separately or combined for a comprehensive workplace wellness solution, including health risk assessments, wellness coaching, biometric screenings, onsite and online seminars, and online learning programmes.

About us

Workplace Options isn’t the same as other providers. We provide world-class EAPs and related services in the market at competitive prices to help our customers fulfill their employee wellness strategies and obtain a strong ROI. We are the world’s largest provider of employee effectiveness services with our work-life services, EAPs, wellness products and training programmes serving over 65 million employees and their families in 100,000 organisations across more than 200 countries and territories.
The next step… If you’re new to EAPs or aren’t completely satisfied with your current provider, then Workplace Options is here to help you.  Don’t just tick a box, get more for your investment.
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